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Crystal Grids

Head over to my Beautiful Etsy shop to see all my crystal grid designs. Prices vary from as little as £15, bring some joy balance and calm into a loved ones life.

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Crystal Group 'make your own grid' Workshop

Crystal workshop. Design your own crystal grid. Take away your handmade grid and crystals for a truly unique experience (frame and securing of crystals not included).

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Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing one hour @ £30

Relax and feel energised as your energy centres are balanced and your chakras become re-aligned. This treatment will be tailored to meet your needs. If you fancy something a little different enquire about a two and a half hour crystal healing and grid making package for £97.50 (includes framing of the crystal grid and free postage to you). Grid size is approx 33x33cm.

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One to one grid making

There are two options for one to one crystal grid making. OPTION 1 - £35 FOR 1 HOUR You will make your own crystal grid and choose the crystals too. You will leave on the day with the hand drawn grid and crystals too. No frame is included in this option. OPTION 2 - £67.50 FOR 1 HOUR You will make your own crystal grid on card and choose the crystals, these will then be secured and framed - posted to you free of charge in 5 days. I can complete grid making in your home providing that you have a large enough table.

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A selection of my grids, crystals and bracelets are stocked in Arttopia. 9 Grant Street, Cleethorpes.


I am a trained Crystal Healer and I intuitively make Crystal creations and art. By being expressive and creative I find the crystals have a stronger energy and can be used in healing and manifestation. My interest in Crystals began following the birth of my daughter. We had a traumatic birth and we spent several weeks in the Intensive Care Unit in hospital. Once we arrived home as a family I began to show signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, this post natal period was the worst of my life and I had therapy. It was a long road but I began to rebuild myself and with the support of my friends and my family, my loving daughter, we survived. In this time of self discovery I had to re-evaluate my life and my priorities. My main responsibility was always my daughter of course, but I also had a responsibility for myself. I had to make some tough choices during those first few months at home, with the unconditional support of my husband, and we are now reaping the benefits. I have created and manifested Marybeth Crystals, I believe in what I do and I hope to be able to guide the way for others who may need direction.
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crystal art

Crystal art

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This crystal was born back in 2018 named 'anxiety rebellion' purely to support those who suffer from stress and anxiety. This grid still represents that but it is 'anxiety rebellion' with a twist!! This handmade piece of art has a strong connection to the Root Chakra to promote grounding and to help you feel in the here and now. This grid will support you in undertaking meditation and mindfulness to calm the chattering mind. The crystals used include: Black Tourmaline, Snowflake Obsidian, Amethyst, Unakite, Amazonite, Moonstone, Jasper and Clear Quartz. This grid comes with a description of each crystal and why these have been chosen. The grid is aprox 34x34cm. It will be framed in distressed wood.



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