19 Feb

H E A R T    C H A K R A

Symptoms of a blocked heart Chakra: Inability to forgive Shyness Anxiety & depression Dwelling on past relationships Fear of intimacy to name a few...

Crystals that balance the heart inviting love, compassion and forgiveness. Other ways you can support the heart chakra is the use of MANTRAS. 

'I forgive myself' 'I am loved' 'I am open to love' 'I let go of emotional blockages' 'I let go of energy that does not serve me for my greatest good' 'I accept things the way that they are'

Diet is also a huge factor in chakra balance - Green Tea resonates with the Heart energy point to balance this along with Earthy Green Veg!!.. Or a tasty KIWI.

MEDITATIONS - a loving kindness meditation is perfect - there are lots of free ones that you can access online or even sound frequency to resonate with the Heart chakra.

Failing all this - hug someone you love for atleast 30 seconds

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