Amethyst Bracelet

** This order is for one Amethyst Bracelet (one size) ** Amethyst promotes emotional healing, a good night's sleep as it helps to prevent nightmares and insomnia. It promotes calm, balance and peace. It vibrates a beautiful energy, inspires and increase spirituality. Before you use your bracelet it is important to cleanse the stones of any negative energy that they hold. There are a number of ways that this can be done; - Place your crystal in sunlight or moonlight (please check that sunlight will not fade your crystal, such as Amethyst) - Use Selenite as a plate to cleanse them, Selenite has a ability to cleanse and never needs to be cleansed itself. - Burying in soil - Use Sage to cleanse your crystals - Use your breath - Soak in salt water (please check that the crystal is not water soluble) - Use sounds such as a singing bowl Once the crystal is cleansed then they need charging (programming) - Place under a full moon or in the sunlight - Meditate with a crystal and use your intent Crystals should be cleansed regular so that they can hold positive energy and promote the properties in an effective way.

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