Energetic Crystal Grid

This grid displays a hand drawn Flower of Life bringing a symbol of limitless opportunities and the reminder that everything is connected with energy ⚡. The geometry enhances the properties of the crystals and their healing powers. The crystals displayed on this grid are Howlite and Clear Quartz. The crystals bring harmony, balance to the bodies chakra points whilst promoting health, healing, stability, relaxation and the all important sleep. Howlite is the number 1 crystal for quality sleep! 😴 It soothes the mind and encourages you to let go of unhelpful emotions. The grid comes with a full description of the crystals and their properties making it a perfect gift 🎁. The grid is 30x30cm and glass. Each grid ordered off my Etsy page comes with a free Labradorite crystal to promote safe travel of the grid 💚

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