Full Moon Letting Go Kits

Traditionally on a full moon, this is a time to be mindful, let go of what doesn't serve you for your highest good, set your intentions, write down your goals and celebrate your progress. This kit comes with all that you need when the Moon is big in the sky. It includes; a Selenite wand to bring harmony and attunement to your mind, body and soul A Black Moonstone, Clear Quartz and Labradorite crystal in a Blue velvet pouch to help connect you to your intuition and be aligned to the moon cycle. You also get a Sensual candle to bring calming essential oils into the room. A Sage smudge stick and a Palo Santo stick to cleanse away negativity or stagnant energy A pack of Oracle Cards specifically for Moon rituals A glass bottle with small crystals ready for your Moon water which can be used as a cleansing tonic. A Pukka Detox tea. The box comes with instructions and is beautifully presented.

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The Moons cycle plays a significant part in our lives and has a profound effect on humans behavior. It has always been said that magical things happen on a full moon and we are more emotionally attune. The Full Moon is said to help with peace and harness closure. Invest the time in yourself to ground energy and practice self-care! you will have an amazing evening.