Genius Grid

'Genius Grid'. This hands drawn Flower Of Life grid displays Fluorite, Malachite and Amethyst. The Fluorite is Green and Purple. Fluorite is used for mental clarity but is also known as being a dreamers crystal. Everyone needs goals in life, and it doesn't matter whether these are small or large Fluorite is known to help you focus, learn and take the steps for your best life! The grid will also make you a genius of your own life supporting intention setting and manifestation. Further benefits. ** Around the grid is Green Fluorite, this assists in balancing brain chemistry, enhancing learning, memorisation abilities, and stimulating the brain. It is used for mental clarity and can organise thinking. This brings a more balanced view and improves decision making skills. Green Fluorite is also linked to the heart chakra, this promotes love, self-belief, self-confidence, and compassion to yourself and to others. It supports friendships and relationships. Once the heart chakra is balanced the energy may attract people to you due to the warmth that you emit. ** There are two pieces of Purple Fluorite, this is a ‘Dream Crystal’ and it protects you from negativity and the evil eye. This Fluorite works to balance your body, mind and spirit. It also resonates with the crown chakra and third eye to promote intuition and spiritual awakening. ** Amethyst interlinks the Fluorite on this grid. This is known a protection stone, cleansing and purifying crystal. It helps to channel healing and absorbs negative energy, it protects you from anyone who does not mean well, or psychic attacks. ** Malachite is a crystal that has strong vibrations for the heart to bring self belief, self care and motivation of one's self. They balance the heart chakra. Hang your grid somewhere special, look at it daily with intention. You can use your grid as a manifestation or meditation tool. This grid comes with a description of the crystals and an authentication sticker. ******************************************************* Each of these boards are handmade and every crystal will vary in colour, pattern and shape. making each board totally individual to its owner. Whist every effort to be taken to maintain the look and size of every crystal please be aware they will slightly differ. creating a truly bespoke piece. Al these grids are safely packaged and placed in boxes for shipping. The frame is 25x25 and has glass.

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