Geometric Wolf

A wolf spirit represents πŸ’™ free spirit πŸ’™ intuition πŸ’™ loyalty πŸ’™ respect πŸ’™ intelligence πŸ’™trusting your own instincts πŸ’™ a link to nature. A geometric pattern symbolises πŸ’™ balance πŸ’™ creation πŸ’™ stability among others. This grid displays the healing crystals of Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz points, Selenite stick, Citrine, Malachite, Garnet and Tigers Eye. These are primarily grounding crystals to bring protection, safety, stability and emotional balance. Each stone has its own unique properties too.

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Malachite, is the stone of transformation and it opens the heart chakra for love.

Tigers Eye releases fear and anxiety whisky attracting luck and success.

Clear Quartz attracts harmony, balance and amplifies positive energy.

Citrine promotes luck, prosperity and abundance.

Selenite cleanses and purifies whilst protecting energy.

Garnet attracts passion, gratitude, strength grounding, safety and self-empowerment.

Lapis Lazuli brings truth, integrity, authenticity, effective communication. It symbolises honour and wisdom.

Labradorite protects from negativity, is the stone of magic and enhances psychic gifts and intuition. It also keeps you safe when travelling.

This grid comes with a description on the back so you know what the crystals are and their super powers!


More about Crystal Grids…

As you may know, crystals have healing properties so crystal grids are an incredibly powerful practice that will support you in living your best life. They can be used to manifest your dreams, goals and intentions. There is no right or wrong way to make the grid as long as it feels right to you, use your own intuition and connect to the crystals. This crystal arrangement is often placed on sacred geometry as it is believed that this enhances the properties of the crystals and the flow of energy on the grid.