Guardian Angel Grid

A crystal grid perfect for 💙 Relationship support/ healing 💙 Open & honest communication 💙 Self expression and forgiveness 💙 Full body protection 💙 Release tension & stress 💙 Confidence 💙 Connect to your angels A dreamy piece of handmade art based on the Torus, hand drawn sacred geometry. By placing crystals in this way it is said that the energy of the crystals are amplified which promote healing and wellbeing. This crystal grid displays some beautiful calming crystals that promote relaxation, peace of mind, love and trust. This grid is also perfect for a relaxation space or bedroom to promote good quality sleep. The crystals used include Blue Lace Agate and Angelite. The Blue Lace Agate crystals are the number one crystals for stress and anxiety. They attract peace of mind, calming vibes, harmonic tones and regularly used in meditation. Blue Lace Agate calms frayed nerves whilst promoting open communication, confidence, self expression, ability to be yourself, grow and unite. Angelite creates calm, open communication, relieves stress, brings forgiveness, protection, serenity, inner peace and a connection to guardian angels. Comes with a description attached to the back of the frame and a free crystal 💙💙 To cleanse your crystals use your intention to visualise them being cleared of negative energy and charge them with your own desires asking them to work for you. For custom orders please message me.

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