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HEALTH & HAPPINESS I have made this grid to support with our health and protection now that 5G and other radioactive pollution or electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is on the rise. There are concerns that EMFs can negatively affect physical health of individuals, such as headaches, lack of concentration and sleep disturbances - plus much more... The crystals in this grid are designed to absorb negative energy. The centre crystal is Pyrite, this protects from EMF's and it grounds energy, protects and brings harmony. Other crystals in this grid are; Black Tourmaline, this crystal protects against negative energy and mobile phone radiation. It also dispels negativity. Goldstone, this is a beautiful sparkly crystal that protects and grounds energy that is not positive for us. Goldstone also gives motivation, drive and lifts anxiety. Hematite gives a protective field, it supports concentration, focus, it is powerful and has a calming effect. Purple and Blue Fluorite cleanses and stabilises energy, it supports mental clarity, positivity and is a learning aid. Green Aventurine has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the nervous system. It is also a good luck crystal!

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More about Crystal Grids…

As you may know, crystals have healing properties so crystal grids are an incredibly powerful practice that will support you in living your best life. They can be used to manifest your dreams, goals and intentions. There is no right or wrong way to make the grid as long as it feels right to you, use your own intuition and connect to the crystals. This crystal arrangement is often placed on sacred geometry as it is believed that this enhances the properties of the crystals and the flow of energy on the grid.
How to choose your grid…

• A grid that jumps out at you or catches your eye. Read the description and see if it resonates with you!

How to use your crystal grid…

• On receiving your grid, some people like to cleanse the crystals and I would advise this as it supports manifestation work. An example, could be placing the grid next to a Selenite cleansing wand, you may use musical clearing tones, you may burn smudging sticks, moonlight or even use your own intentions to clear away negativity energy and ask the crystal grid to work for you.

• Once the crystals are cleansed then programme them! It may seem slightly strange thinking that they need this, but by setting the intentions they will adapt their frequency and resonate with you, working for your greater good always. Some people choose to write their intentions down and place it near the grid or when looking at the grid you could think of a mantra… because after all ‘energy flows where intention goes’ right?

• Place the crystal grid in your home somewhere that feels right. Connect with your grid, you can even talk to it – should you be inclined 

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