Inner Belief & Throat Chakra Grid

A crystal grid for higher awareness, consciousness and a 'shift'. It is a highly charged grid and the flow of the energy is towards a large Lapis Lazuli. 💙 LAPIS LAZULI is a crystal of truth, integrity, confidence, self understanding, acceptance and growth. Lapis encorages & inspires. It brings honesty in All situations. Once you start being true to yourself wonderful things begin to happen! This surrounds Labradorite in the centre for grounding, protection of bad energy, safe travel, attracting helpful and meaningful people in your life. 💙💙💙💙💙💙 As crystals absorb energy it is good practice to cleanse them frequently. This can be done with your intention, visualise the crystals being cleared of negativity and charge with your own desires. They can also be cleansed by standing them next to Selenite, placing in Moonlight or using a signing bowl for musical clearing tones. This grid comes with a description off the crystals and an authentication sticker. The frame front is glass and a white frame at 33x33cm. I ship internationally but do not accept liability for breakages out of the UK. I package the frame as well as possible but can not be responsible for the way the package is treated during air mail. For custom orders please contact me. For first look items follow me on Facebook / Instagram @marybethcrystals Happy viewing and have a lovely day!

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