Purple ‘Just Chill’ - a hand drawn Flower of Life decorated with a large Purple Agate crystal. This crystal is known for soothing and calming vibrations. It is surrounded by Purple Fluorite and Green Goldstone. Purple Fluorite brings emotional balance, mental clarity and supports decision making. It resonates with the higher chakras to support meditation work and eases anxiety and stress. Green Goldstone heals the mind and helps you to make decisions for a positive future. The Pink Agate supports the calming vibe, it also helps to dispel fear and increases self-confidence. Agate is wonderful for sleep, making this grid ideal for a bedroom or relaxation room. The small Blue crystals are also Fluorite, they bring a sense of justice and help us to let go of frustrations and disappointments. On the outer grid there is, Purple Howlite and Blue Turquoise. Howlite soothes away stress and tension whilst helping you to relax. It is also good for quality sleep and Turquoise is a crystal that promotes tranquillity and serenity. This is perfect for: A bedroom or relaxation room!

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How to use your crystal grid…

• On receiving your grid, some people like to cleanse the crystals and I would advise this as it supports manifestation work. An example, could be placing the grid next to a Selenite cleansing wand, you may use musical clearing tones, you may burn smudging sticks, moonlight or even use your own intentions to clear away negativity energy and ask the crystal grid to work for you.

• Once the crystals are cleansed then programme them! It may seem slightly strange thinking that they need this, but by setting the intentions they will adapt their frequency and resonate with you, working for your greater good always. Some people choose to write their intentions down and place it near the grid or when looking at the grid you could think of a mantra… because after all ‘energy flows where intention goes’ right?

• Place the crystal grid in your home somewhere that feels right. Connect with your grid, you can even talk to it – should you be inclined, like me!

You can find more of my beautiful grids at www.etsy.com/shop/marybethcrystals

**** please note that crystals may work differently for you, they are a complimentary therapy and although many people have reported wonderful effects, I would never advise that you go against medical advice and consult a professionals should you require medical advice or support ****

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