MALACHITE Silver Pendant.

stunning Malachite pendant set in Silver. It has some lovely green banded colour and supports positivity, balance, change, anxiety, manifestation & intentions along with absorbing negative energy. This crystal is also said to boost the immune system, assist with asthma, vitality and strength. It is also a crystal for abundance! Includes a Silver chain. 4.5 x 1cm aprox.

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When you receive your crystal I would recommend cleansing it and finding your own connection with it. There are lots of different ways that this can be achieved. Some of the most popular are placing it out in a full moon, using smudge sticks, musical clearing tones or singing bowls but you can also hold your crystal and use your own intuition and visualise the crystal being cleared of any negative energy. Next, I would suggest holding your crystal, feeling it and programme it with your own intention... what do you want this crystal to do for you?, tell it... yes I talk to my crystals and this supports manifestation work! Or you don't have to do any of this, the crystals will still have their natural energy and healing properties but it is always more beneficial to establish that connection.