MANIFESTATION & MEDITATION framed crystal grid.

💚 HIGHER REALM 💚 Protection 💚 LOVE, STABILITY 💚 PURITY GRID A framed crystal grid that has beautifully high quality crystals including, Angelite, Jade, Lilac Obsidian, Opalite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Purple Fluorite. The sacred geometry is hand drawn Flower of Life and this symbol allows the crystals to be placed in a organised pattern to enhance the flow of energy and healing properties. This crystal combination is ideal for a nursery, bedroom and relaxation room. Angelite allows for a connection with guardian angels for protection and comfort, Amethyst promotes emotional stability, relaxation and peaceful vibes. Jade crystals are known for good luck but also open the heart chakra for love, kindness and compassion, as do the Rose Quartz. Purple Fluorite bring calming of the mind, mental clarity, focus and intuition. Lilac Obsidian dispels negative energy and grounds energy for safety and stability. Opalite bring loyalty, commitment, love and trust. The grid comes with a attached description of the crystals and their properties. 37x37cm I ship internationally but can not accept liability for damages. FREE SHIPPING IN THE UK.

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