Monthly Crystal Box

Each month receive a set of 7 crystals, there will be detailed information as to the properties of the crystals and how to use them. These will have a monthly theme as follows: January - Crystals will focus on letting go, setting intentions and manifestation. February - Love crystals (self love, romance & friendship) March - Throat chakra (self esteem & confidence) April - Home crystal set May - Raw crystals & uses June - Joy & happiness crystals July - Yoga & meditation crystals August - Protection & grounding stones September - Physical health & harmony October - Divination & psychic gifts November - Solar Plexus crystals & emotional balance December - Gratitude & positivity crystals Should you have any special requests or adaptations then please message me and I will be happy to help. If you wish to pay for the 12 months up front then you will get a bonus crystal every monthly too!

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