Raw crystal grid for psychic development

A crystal grid with all RAW Crystals for the spiritual journey and most importantly to achieve a higher state of consciousness for the development of psychic gifts.. This grid supports the whole journey whereby self healing, self care and restoration are all important factors in achieving this. Additionally, The chakra points in the body also resonate with these crystals and as they are raw untouched crystals they amplify and ground energy, making way for a fearlessly strong journey dampening the effect of stress & anxiety. This grid displays wonderful Green Calcite in the centre and it aligns the heart. The two small Emerald pieces boost loving energy and spiritual gifts. Emerald is actually said to have the ability to see the future, it reveals truth and protects against evil spirits. The Yellow Calcite stimulates the mind, attracts vitality, lifts mood, supports self worth and positivity. It also helps channel psychic exploration and deep meditation. Amethyst is a crystal of cleansing, protection and inspiration. It enhances psychic abilities and connects you to a high spiritual level. Black Kyanite assists with dream recall, enhances energy, encourages insight and psychic development. It also protects against bad energy. Clear Quartz increases intuition, accelerates the healing process, allows for self awareness and insight aiding self care, development and growth. Rose Quartz releases past emotions, energy blockages, they open the heart for unconditional love, acceptance and understanding. All essential attributes when exploring self growth and development. The grid is a hand drawn Flower Of Life to represent creation, wholeness, growth and all things living. It has had a deep connection to the ancient times and has been used traditionally to amplify the energy of the crystals and enhance their properties. 💚💚💚💚 It comes with a full description of the crystals and their properties making it a perfect gift or treat.

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