Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids

Crystals have metaphysical healing properties and although I do not recommend substituting western medicine for these, I do believe that they can promote health, bring your body into balance and complement the effects of medicine.

Crystal grids comprise of presenting crystals on sacred geometry. This geometry represents certain things such as; the seed of life is for new beginnings and the flower of life is developed from this, celebrating life itself. My belief is that the geometry pattern works by amplifying the energy of the crystals due to the order they are in. The crystals used depend upon the condition, occasion or circumstance that it is for.

Like with Crystals, the grids need to be activated with intention. I suggest that this can be done by looking at your stones and thinking about the job that you would like them to do for you. Place the grid somewhere that you will see it daily and somewhere that you consider it a special place.

There are crystal grids on my Etsy page that are one-offs and also re-created. These are made with love and my own intuition which guides me to create the specific pieces. They all have a description and come with a name. Should you want a custom crystal grid then this is not a problem and you will find a custom option on my shop, we can then work together by way of communication to create something beautiful.

Crystal grids are a perfect gift and are very versatile. I offer a range of sizes and coloured frames.

Should you require more information then please contact me.